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About the CEO

Darryl Hillard, Jr.
Darryl Hillard, Jr.

Fine Artists & Graphic Designer

Darryl E. Hillard, Jr. brings his visions to reality and he does it with great care. As a graphic Designer, Darryl has the ability to design visually appealing layouts for print and electronic media. His artistic talent extends well beyond graphic design. Darryl is also a free hand fine artist who creates majestic visual images on canvas and paper.

Whether it’s a website, logo,  or book cover, Darryl is going to pour his heart into it and give it his signature artistic flair.  Darryl’s vast artistic range speaks for itself and has created a high demand for his artistry which keeps him extremely busy with a steady flow of clients. His repertoire also includes artistically designed CD covers, flyers, t-shirts, drawings, paintings, posters, invitations, advertisements, brochures, obituaries, programs, newsletters and magazines. 

Darryl’s nature to lead and excel is evidenced by numerous accomplishments. Graduating with a 4.16 GPA from Midwest City High School, Darryl went on to graduate from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts. 


A lover of information and knowledge, Darryl gleans from books, movies, and everyday life experiences.  Darryl’s success is rooted deeper than information and knowledge. He applies wisdom and he operates with integrity.  His pipelines stays full of referrals because, in addition to his excellent work and work ethic, clients sense his positive spirit, his care, his compassion, his greatness, his fairness, and his honesty.

Darryl is an active member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., and is actively involved with various Chambers of Commerce in the OKC and the DFW Metroplex. He is also a part of The Bridge Fort Worth and STAAR Foundation.

DH Art & Design, LLC’s List of Clients is extensive and growing. After working for them for a while, Darryl acquired a contract to do work for Knutson Irrigation, LLC | Bigsprinkler.comTM | MicroRain® out of Yukon, OK.  Darryl’s client list is comprised of Beauty Supply stores, Restaurants, Chambers of Commerce, Catering Companies, Churches, Salons, a Barber Shop, Associations, Foundations, Clubs, a T-shirt Shop, LLC’s, Magazines, Limousine Service, Performers, Realtors, Charitable Non-Profit Organizations, and various Marketplaces in the private and public sector.

About the Business

Thank you for your interest in allowing me to take your internal marketing concepts and designs to the next level.  The price sheet (to the right) shows my capabilities. Please review and get back with me.


Terms & Conditions are below.  When you pay your NON-REFUNDABLE deposit you are agreeing to these terms.

  • CONSULTATION is FREE for first meeting.  Any consultation or furthering of your brand knowledge, by phone or otherwise after initial meeting, will result in an hourly charge at the rate of $35.00 per hour.

  • A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of 50% of the agreed price is due in advance for services to begin for any project that will sum up to $100.00 or more.  A contract agreement MUST be signed for any project that will sum up to $100.00 or more.

  • TURNAROUND TIME:  3-5 Days Flyer, Poster, Advertisement, Invitation, or Banner.  1-2 Weeks for any other design layouts.  2-4 Weeks for all drawings/paintings.  60-90days for new website design.

  • RUSH FEE:  A $50.00 - $100.00 Fee will be applied to any service needed sooner than the turnaround time for the particular service mentioned above.

  • ADDITION/SUBTRACTION CHANGE FEE:  If Client has a sudden “change of heart” after finalizing the design or further alterations, other than those previously agreed to, will incur further costs of $10.00 per change, to be added upon final invoice. Changes include, but not limited to the following: color, type, information, graphics, dates, headlines, etc.  Requests to see additional design prototypes will incur additional fees at $35.00 per hour rate. 

  • PAYMENT:  Payments are accepted, but the artist WILL NOT release any artwork until it is PAID IN FULL.

  • WEBSITE DESIGN:  Includes ALL webs related work, including social media page design, posting, and email marketing.  DH Art & Design, LLC will send periodic invoices to the Client in the amount of $140.00 (4 hours of web design time).  Web design services will be DISCONTINUED until invoice is paid unless otherwise documented in writing.  Final payment must be accepted before publication and/or delivery of the Website Design Project.  All amounts must be in U.S. Dollars.

  • PRINTING:   DH Art & Design, LLC does not print any artwork created.  DESIGN & ARTWORK ONLY.  DH Art & Design, LLC will assist or be a liaison between you and the printer to get the job completed FREE of charge.  If you want DH Art & Design, LLC to get the artwork printed for you, an additional $25.00 FEE will be added to your order plus the cost of printing.

  • FORCE MAJUERE:  In the event of “act of god” such as a fire, flood or other disaster that prevents us from completing the work occurs, DH Art & Design, LLC will not be held responsible and alternative measures and deadlines will have to be agreed. 

Furthermore, additional examples of my work can be viewed by clicking on the social media links below.


DH Art & Design, LLC

Darryl Hillard, Jr.


Phone:  405.633.3575



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